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Capturing the Passion Within

 A Passion Project celebrating VI Women Making History 


Theatre Activist & Founder of ACT OUT Ensemble
 The Collective 


 Theatre Activist & Founder of ACT OUT Ensemble 


Singer & Musician


Conceptual Artist

“Capturing the Passion Within”

To capture Caribbean inspired, yet globally captivating, human stories that uses creativity to embrace their passion and serve their communities.

 About the Docuseries

A mini-docuseries collaboration between Trissision Productions and The XauSky Group, LLC, aimed at memorializing the unique perspective of Caribbean people, the diaspora, and their allies. Each life is comprised of many stories serving as of tapestry of experiences, perspectives, and expressions. A combination of cinematography and passion-focused storytelling is used to capture the real-life cultural, artistic, and leadership experiences within the featured person’s world. The intent is to memorialize untold stories that shape, challenge, and offer an unconventional perspective to entertain, educate, and inspire the world to capture the passion within. The pilot for this series will feature people from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, with plans of expanding throughout the Caribbean and beyond.

Special Thanks
Monica Martin
Sayeeda Carter
Seanise Jeffers
Executive Producers
The Xausky Group
Trissision Productions
Tristian Jones
Creative Director
Dr. Xaulanda Simmonds

Camera Operators
Tristian Jones
Dany Challenger
Diana Cruz

The Entrepreneur's Trip

 With Dr. Xaulanda Simmonds, Tristian Jones & Chris Majocha