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Xauskya Emmanuel

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Birthed in a family with an entrepreneurial spirit, I've had a front-row seat to the rewards and challenges of starting and running a business. As a blossoming entrepreneur at the cusp of the Millenial/Gen Z generation, I also understand the current challenges that organizations are having with navigating the importance my generation places on BEing who we want to be and having a voice vs. doing what previous generations have done. As such, I apply my unique perspective, bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Biology and zest for investigation, identifying emerging patterns and analyzing human behavior to plan, manage projects, and coordinate events for our clients. Further, as the creative behind the BE by The XauSky Group lifestyle brand, I encourage people of all ages to BE while they DO – Bringing Balance to the Chaos of work & life.


BE is…you! In life all too often, we want to dress like our favorite celebrity or work hard like our mentor. We want to be her, him, and everyone else. Instead, BE by The XauSky Group inspires you to BE authentic, courageous, passionate and more. To ditch the “Mask You Wear” in your personal and professional lives and just BE you. Dress to impress or don’t. Light a candle and get to work or go to yoga. Regardless, stand by who you are as you are the “The Owner of Your Destiny” and ”The Designer of Your Network”. As Steve Jobs said, “ Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Starting today, “BE the Observer, Participant, and Cheerleader of Your Wellbeing”. And tomorrow, “ BE the Coach and Counselor of Your Life”. However, if by any chance that all seems like too much then just…BE.


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