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Meet Xau


Administrative Support

Birthed in a family with an entrepreneurial spirit, I have had a front-row seat to the rewards and challenges of starting and running a business.  I understand that administrative tasks can take valuable time away from small business owners forcing them to work in the business, rather than on the business.  As a certified Virtual Assistant with the International Association Professional Careers Colleges, I provide virtual administrative support through various technological mediums, data delivery, and organizational proficiency that require attention to detail and analytical skills.  As a Criminal Justice major and Biology minor (Bachelor of Science), I apply my keen interest in investigation, research assistance, and identifying emerging patterns to help my clients analyze data and make informed business decisions.   "Ask any successful CEO or business owner how they got where they are and, if they're honest, they'll probably tell you that they could never have done it without a fantastic administrative assistant" (Jennifer Fishberg).   If you are an entrepreneur and the administrative tasks are consuming our precious time, let me help you make your vision of a successful small business a reality by being your Virtual Administrative Support.   

Let's make your vision a reality!​​
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