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Lifestyle Brand

Bringing Balance to Work & Life

BE by XauSky is a lifestyle brand founded on the intentional choice to passionately step into our heart’s desire to BE authentically, passionately, and unapologetically who we are. As a personal reminder, the “Let Me BE…Respectfully” classic collection sets the stage for you to exercise your self-agency, while the “Mind Your BE…Intentionally” line reinforces to others that they can also trust in being who they are intended to BE.


Together, through work/life balance, we can “Blatantly Emancipate” ourselves from the limiting beliefs that we, others, and society impose that may dim or extinguish our soul’s light.   

How you BE?


BE Chats with Xauskya

BE in Action! Tune in to BE Chats with our Chief BE Officer, Xauskya, and our BElievers, ordinary people showing up in uniquely expressive and expansive ways as they authentically navigate their daily lives. BE’s philosophy is inclusive as it applies to all generations, genders, and racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds – embracing diversity through belonging. It challenges and encourages us to start within as that is where all meaningful change in the world begins. One human BEing at a time. BE YOU, BE me & BE we – Believers! 

BE Chats explore what BEing looks like for them. BE in action and tune in today!