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Xauskya Emmanuel, BS

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Xauskya Emmanuel is the Co-founder and Chief BE Officer for the XauSky Group, LLC. An investigative mind with a keen eye for details, data, and trends, with a flair for creative expression, she has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Biology.


Her zest for investigation, problem-solving, identifying emerging patterns, and analyzing human behavior to strategically assess situations, evaluate risk while mitigating uncertainties, plan the company’s future direction, as well as support clients in the management of projects and coordinated event logistics has been declared “Impressive!” by key stakeholders. As a Certified Virtual Assistant, with a certificate in Project Manager, she is also pursuing a certification in Business Intelligence.

These focus areas complement her critical thinking skills and attention to detail, which applies both deductive and inductive reasoning, in the analysis of data to establish a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances and provide clients with insights to help enhance project effectiveness or business operations. As such, she has a proficient ability to scour multiple databases, analyze system data sets, and use office applications to prepare reports with supporting charts and visuals. Her reports contain sound recommendations to management and executives for implementation of business requirements that accomplishes the desired goals and furthers the company’s mission. For example, in her role as a Case Assignment Technician, she was responsible for assessing over 3,000 cases at Pinellas County Child Protection, using over 12 databases to collect data, build case files, and make recommendations that directly impacting the lives of the children and families involved. Further, on a client project, she was the lead Data Analyst for a highly regulated project working with the IT department on the collection of data, analyzing the accuracy of the data, auditing and correcting discrepancies as well as preparing regular client reports. For Xauskya, it’s not just about the work, but more importantly the positive impact that her work will have on those she works with, and the communities involved.

Originally from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, she has lived, studied, and worked in Minnesota, Florida, and Texas, affording her the opportunity to blend her Caribbean and U.S. mainland life experiences into the products and services that she creates and offers. In 2022, Xauskya took her collective experiences and her journey of self-discovery to launch the BE by XauSky lifestyle brand. It was birthed from her feeling constantly pressed to conform to social expectations that may or may not align with who she really is and giving others permission to step into their authenticity. BE who they are and are destined to BE. Her evolving journey of self-reflection and discovery has been infused into the BE philosophy encouraging people to not lose who they are at the essence, to challenge unhealthy conformity, and to...just BE.

As such, Xauskya and the BE by Xausky brand has resonated with many across diverse demographic sectors and socioeconomic backgrounds, which caught the attention of notable publications. Xauskya was featured in the 2022 EMPOWER(HER) magazine as their “Youngpreneur,” the youngest entrepreneur in their 2nd edition. She was also featured in the Orlando Voyager Magazine as one of their “Hidden Gems.” In 2023, she presented at the 3rd annual Girlfriendism Retreat in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. During her session, she invited participants to explore the importance of prioritizing the things in their lives and how to find a healthy balance. That presentation sparked the invitation for her to appear on the The Aunty PattiPat Radio Show. Essentially, Xauskya serves as a beacon of light to remind us of the importance of BEing ourselves, authentically, passionately, and unapologetically. While she is deeply passionate about the work she does, she also intimately understands the importance of work/life balance.

I am…Let me BE Respectfully.  

You are…Mind your BE Intentionally.  

We are…Blatantly Emancipated.  

How you BE? 

An In-Depth Perspective

...autographs ready! 😉

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