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Service Offerings

We specialize in addressing work-related challenges and finding solutions.

Strategic Counsel


Partner with clients to develop a tailored strategy to align the current state with the organization’s desired direction and future destination.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Systems & Operation

  • Multicultural Communication (DEIB)


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Maximize the Chief Executive Officer’s capacity to focus ON the business vs. IN the business with a part-time Chief Operating Officer for small businesses.

  • Operations management, business strategy, process improvement, and change management to improve day-to-day operations, project management, and business operations.



Development of planned, systematic change in the values or operations of leaders and teams to create overall growth in their organization.

  • Organizational Culture

  • Diversity Work Climate

  • Talent Development

  • Work Passion & Employee Engagement

Marketing, Branding & Multicultural Communications


Articulate Client’s unique messaging, and imagery for diverse audiences, in alignment with intended brand reputation.

  • Marketing Plan

  • Business Brand & Reputation

  • Online Presence (Website & Social Media)

  • Multimedia Collateral Review & Recommendations



Tailored to the unique needs of
every client. Trainings include but are not limited to:

  • The Culture of BEing a Diverse & High-Performing Team

  • Leveraging Our Strengths

  • Leadership vs. Management

  • Employee Relations & the Dyadic Relationship

  • The Customer-Focused Experience



Coordinate the chaos in your work, life, and business.

  • Performance Management for Leaders and Employees who need additional support.

  • Gain clarity on the multiple aspects of your life by finding the answers within.

  • Coaching and Accountability for Entrepreneurs in small business.

Our Passion is Empowering Our Clients!

Explore, Excavate, and Empathize...

Active Listening and Effective Communication

Curiosity and Continuous Learning

Establishing Trust and Rapport

Goal Setting and Action Planning

Feedback and Accountability

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Excavate Coaching


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Clarity, Confidence & Calm in the Chaos

"I am passionate about bringing calm to the chaos of work and life.  Founded on the values of honesty, leadership, creativity, and social intelligence, I partner with my clients to gain clarity by finding the answers within and gaining the confidence to manifest their dreams."

- Dr. Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel, MBA, PhD

"Like individuals, organizations must also BE authentic, passionate and intentional. When both the organization and the individual align on values and goals thriving becomes the new surviving.  Work Life Balance is integral to accomplishing these goals and BEing unapologetically you."

- Xauskya Emmanuel, BS


The Xausky Group Collaborations

It's all about the 3 C's of Collaboration:

Character, Competency & Culture.

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The Xausky Group has intentionally collaborated with other entrepreneurs to create strategic partnerships with Girlfriendism and Strategic HRM. Our collective objective is to work together to bring out the best in each team members and help businesses thrive. 


Let’s work together to bring out the best in each team member by creating an organizational culture that supports them in showing up authentically and working within their competencies while challenging them to grow. When you invest in your team, your company will yield a return on investment (ROI) that yields improved performance, well-being, and desired outcomes.

A FREE Chat (30 minutes)

Exploratory Call (1 hour)

Excavate Coaching

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