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Bringing calm to the chaos of life by

    planning purposefully,

         implementing intentionally,

                 living creatively &

                       working passionately.

The XauSky Group offers services and experiences that help clients gain clarity of their current state and future direction.  Whether you are navigating the crossroads in your life, feeling stuck, or seeking a fresh perspective on enhancing your business's performance, our services are based on sound theory and practical application with a human touch.  We help you translate your vision to reality.

The time to be the best version of YOU is now.

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Your Vision-to-Reality Translators

The XauSky Group was birthed out of the desire by the mother/daughter duo of Xaulanda and Xauskya (affectionately known as Xau2) to help organize the chaos of our client’s lives through purposeful planning and intentional implementation. On the individual level, we partner with clients using proven coaching competencies to help them realize their fullest potential.  On the group and organizational level, we work with our clients to translate big picture concepts into streamlined systems, processes, and daily action to improve performance and drive optimal outcome. And especially for our small business owners, we provide virtual administrative support, freeing up your precious time to work on your business vs. in the business.  Let's make your vision a reality!

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Mother/Daughter Duo - Xaulanda and Xauskya
(affectionately known as Xau2) 

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"Do what you can,

with what you  have,

where you are right now"

- Dr. Theodora Philip

   President/CEO of TAP Consultants, LLC.

"...eased the burden of a monumental task..."

The support received from The XauSKY Group eased the burden of a monumental task into small achievable action items! Purposeful in approach, Xaulanda assessed our collective abilities, to the varied scope of projects before us, compared it to our company’s vision, and translated our intentions into a very realistic narrative. 


To our delight, the end result was successfully – organized, supported and delivered with the assistance of The XauSKY Group.  


"...WOW, what a difference it made."

I received coaching from Xaulanda today and WOW, what a difference it made. Xaulanda knows how to ask powerful questions to get to the heart of things. I have been working on a problem for a month by myself, not getting anywhere. I walked out of the session with Xaulanda knowing exactly what direction to take with an action plan and due date. I would highly recommend Xaulanda as a coach!

- Trish Perry, PCC

"Significant impact on organizational success."


Effective teamwork has a significant impact on organizational success.  Team members that excel at successfully navigating the bridges between people,   strategic projects, and organizational growth are precious resources.  Xaulanda excelled at building the competence and confidence of the JFL team members.  Through her role as facilitator, Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified [INTERACT} educator and executive leader, Xaulanda assisted the executive team in actualizing its strategic intent.  In our journey to decrease defects and streamline operations,    Xaulanda’s expertise related to project planning,  marketing, and communication allowed her to mentor, lead and act as a dynamic change agent.  I am confident that Xaulanda will be an asset to any professional team.  It was a pleasure working with Xaulanda.  Our collaborative relationship allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.”

- Terry Lynch

Let’s Make Your Vision A Reality

Virtual Team Meeting

A #Girlfriendism Business Collaboration


It's all about the 3 C's: Character, Competency & Culture. Let's work together to bring out the best of each team member by creating an organizational culture that supports them in showing up authentically and working within their competencies while challenging them to grow. When you invest in your team, your company will yield an ROI. Our Culturally Infused, Corporate Training Menu includes:


  • Customer Service Training

  • Mental Health Training

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • Executive Leadership

  • Conflict Management

  • & More

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