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What We Do

Whether it is consulting, training, and/or our experiential experiences, we help you and your business plan purposefully, implement intentionally, live creatively, and work passionately. It's our passion that led us here...and we look forward to helping you find your passion at work and in life. 

Who said work and life can’t be fun?

We love injecting creativity and passion in the work we do. So, if you or your team is feeling stuck or tired of the chaos, join us for the following experiential experiences:


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  • Organizational Assessments

  • Strategy Planning

  • Action Plans


Young Woman Making Notes
  • One-On-One Coaching

  • Group Facilitation

  • Team Training

  • Organizational Consulting


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  • Creative Collaborations providing Cultural Content! 

  • Organizing You to BE You!


Business Plan
  • Bringing Purpose & Passion

  • Tailored Team Training

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Let's Translate Your Vision to Reality

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Clarity, Confidence, & Calm in the Chaos 

"I am passionate about bringing calm to the chaos of life through servant leadership, creative excavation, boldness, and transformational experiences that help others gain clarity by finding the answers within, and the confidence to intentionally design, manifest, & realize the life they dream of living."

- Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel, MBA


A Girlfriendism Business Collaboration


It's all about the 3 C's: Character, Competency & Culture. Let's work together to bring out the best of each team member by creating an organizational culture that supports them in showing up authentically and working within their competencies while challenging them to grow. When you invest in your team, your company will yield an ROI. Our Culturally Infused, Corporate Training Menu includes:


  • Customer Service Training

  • Mental Health Training

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • Executive Leadership

  • Conflict Management

  • & More​

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