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What We Do

Whether it is consulting, training, and/or our experiential experiences, we help you and your business, plan purposefully, implement intentionally, live creatively, and work passionately. It's our passion that led us here...and we look forward to helping you find your passion at work and in life. 

At the XauSky Group, we understand that our clients have varied levels of support as it relates to budget, timeframe, organizational competencies, immediate interventions, or more expansive partnerships.

Here’s how we can help:

The Present Check-In: Audit 

Level set the current state and consider viable alternatives to your organizational, marketing and branding strategies. The audit/assessments conducted involve a review of existing assets to provide a fresh perspective on how best to align the internal and external stakeholder experiences.


Future Focus: Strategy Development & Counsel 

Strategic counsel services with The XauSky Group includes an assessment of the specialty areas along with recommendations. Based on that assessment, the team works with the Client to develop a tailored strategy to align with the organization’s future, desired direction.

Bridging Present & Future: Activation & Implementation Coaching 

Ready to bridge your present check-in with your future focus? The intent is to help our clients, that have completed the prior two (2) phases, activate and prepare to ‘fly solo’ so they are not locked into long-term consulting contracts. The XauSky Group offers an accountability and coaching plan that supports the establishment and implementation of the client’s action plan.

Immediate Interventions: Culturally Relevant, Client Tailored Trainings 

  • Customer Service Experiences: Virgin Islands Style 

  • Exploring Your Team’s Strength through a USVI Cultural Lens

  • The Culture of BEing a Diverse & High Performing Team 

  • Leadership vs. Management 


Who said work and life can’t be fun?

We love injecting creativity and passion in the work we do. So, if you or your team is feeling stuck or tired of the chaos, let’s partner on one of tiered programs or work together to customize something to your specific needs…with loads of fun infused, of course! 

As such, we offer a tiered approach to address the client’s need which aligns with the scope of work:

  • Explore: Bringing a fresh perspective to your current operations, we take a high-level review of what your business currently has in place. This approach is more preventative in nature in that it assesses the current state (i.e., systems, practices, ways of doing business, etc.) to determine what is working well, where there may be opportunities for improvement, and recommendations to fill the gap.  

  • Excavate: You have an organizational challenge, but you may not know how best to tackle it. More reactive in nature, this approach often requires systematic excavation of current assets and internal practices to determine the contributing factors to the challenges you and your team may be experiencing.

  • Evolve: Experiencing systematic roadblocks and need a partner to help you activate an effective plan? We partner with our clients by taking a deep dive into the organization’s challenges and instill a level of accountability need to implement innovative ideas that will produce the desired outcomes.  


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Clarity, Confidence & Calm in the Chaos

"I am passionate about bringing calm to the chaos of work and life.  Founded on the values of honesty, leadership, creativity, and social intelligence, I partner with my clients to gain clarity by finding the answers within and gaining the confidence to manifest their dreams."

- Dr. Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel, MBA, PhD

"Like individuals, organizations must also BE authentic, passionate and intentional. When both the organization and the individual align on values and goals thriving becomes the new surviving.  Work Life Balance is integral to accomplishing these goals and BEing unapologetically you."

- Xauskya Emmanuel, BS


The Xausky Group Collaborations

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 12.51.45 PM.png

It's all about the 3 C's of Collaboration:

Character, Competency & Culture. 


The Xausky Group has intentionally collaborated with other entrepreneurs to create strategic partnerships with Girlfriendism and Strategic HRM. Our collective objective is to work together to bring out the best in each team members and help businesses thrive. 


Let’s work together to bring out the best in each team member by creating an organizational culture that supports them in showing up authentically and working within their competencies while challenging them to grow. When you invest in your team, your company will yield a return on investment (ROI) that yields improved performance, well-being, and desired outcomes. 


Book a “Let’s Chat” Exploratory Meeting! 

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