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"How to be an Ally While Also Being Marginalized"

It was such an honor for Co-Founder, Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel to join her friend and colleague, Dr. Theodora Philip of TAP Consultants, LLD, on The Forum on Workplace Inclusion podcast. We had an opportunity to share our experience as black Caribbean women living and working on the U.S. Mainland, where we are perceived as African American. We explore being an ally through storytelling, strategies to advocate and promote equity at work and in society.

While much of the focus in recent times has been on racial, ethnic, and LGBTQ+ discrimination and disparities, who is an ally, how to be one and the actions that should be taken to promote equity of the marginalized they support is more complex than the headlines. Fundamentally, discrimination and inequities are related to a spectrum of characteristics that involves just being human. These include but are not limited to age, culture, disabilities (innate or acquired), gender, indigenous heritage, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic, political views, among others. The challenge becomes when the ally themselves show up in society or are perceived as a member of the marginalized group under attack.

The Forum is truly a space where professionals can share, learn and grow their DE&I skills through "engaging people, advancing ideas, and igniting change." We'd love to hear your feedback regarding our conversation, "How to be an Ally While Also Being Marginalized,"

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