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The Entrepreneur's Trip: Videocast, Podcast & Blogs

The XauSky Group is so excited to announce that we have collaborated with UdoU Productions (Chris Majocha) and Trissision Productions (Tristian Jones) in launching "The Entrepreneur's Trip." As your Entrepreneur’s Trip Guides (aka Hosts), Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel Tristian & Chris (X.T.C.) aim to get to the heart and real-life experiences of diverse entrepreneurs, particularly those with a US, Caribbean, and the Virgin Islands connection. If you don’t like the course of your trip, you can always change it…but the essence of the entrepreneur begins and ends with who you are as a human being. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a trip is defined as “a person or experience that is strange or entertaining and exciting.” We are a trip! Collectively, we create a dynamic trip of experimentation, exploration, and entrepreneurial ecstasy for those that join us. So, every episode is an unexpected trip, and the entire series is an experience. So, in essence…we be trippin'!

Here is what you can do to stay pulled in and trippin':

1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel,, so you do not miss an episode!

2. Like our Facebook page, for inside information and what's coming next!

3. Check out our website,, for the entire collection of entrepreneurship resources!

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