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Courageously Hack Into Your DEI Opportunities

Change and facing the unknown is often approached with feelings of anxiety and fear. Couple that with the social changes, a global pandemic, and minority-majority shift, these feelings may intensify because of the uncertainty and changes that are more evident in our daily lives and at work. To courageously hack those feelings, Patrick Meniboon, MBA (the "Courage Hacker") and Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel (the "Work Passion Seeker") explore vital diversity leadership skills that can be applied today to create more inclusive workplaces where employees can show up authentically and work passionately.

Check out our conversation on The Forum on Workplace Inclusion podcast which is anchored at the

intersection of research, storytelling, and application where one uses agency on three levels - self, proxy, and organizational – to strengthen vital diversity leadership skills and nurture inclusive workspaces.

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