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The XauSky Group, LLC.

Bringing Calm to the Chaos of Work & Life

The XauSky Group, LLC. is a boutique firm that partners with individuals, teams, and organizations to gain clarity of their current state, build confidence in their next steps, and drive intentional implementation towards their future vision. Whether it is strategic planning, action plans that link future goals to current performance, culturally relevant training, or carefully tailored creative experiences that promote personal, professional and/or organizational development, there is a bottom-line focus with a human touch.   


As big picture thinkers with an attention to detail, we aim to support our clients with succeeding at work and in life. Let’s BE passionate about how they spend their most precious resource - time. As such, our philosophy is based on sound theory and practical application with a focus on one’s span of control regarding self, their inner circle, and the collective outcomes. Whether you are navigating the crossroads of your life or seeking a fresh perspective on enhancing your personal or business performance, we are confident that The XauSky Group, LLC. will translate your vision into reality.   

The time to BE the best version of YOU is now. 

Curious Conversations

 With Dr. Xaulanda and Carole Burton